My Math Box is a kit full of math-themed books with many teacher-created, parent-friendly and engaging activities for students. Each Math Box is specifically designed around grade level common core standards to weave the love of math and literacy together.   

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Dusty, Nikki and Katherine


Dusty, Katherine, and Nikki are math teachers in Denver, Colorado.  They have taught math at the middle school and elementary school level for a combined total of almost 50 years and want to make sure that students have access to incredible educational activities throughout the summer!  They began this adventure envisioning an opportunity for students to practice, learn and love math as much as they do.  My Math Box began as they found quality literature to engage high level thinking and then designed hands on and experiential activities to help strengthen these skills.  The next step was to get the word out to their local communities and share via social media.  As word spread they've seen a lot of support from friends, family and community members and continue to share their educational passions in and out of the classroom.  

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  • to avoid summer slide
  • as a birthday/holiday gift
  • to work with a tutor

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The book was great! Super cute.  My daughter really liked writing a subtraction story problem.  - Sara Lemmon, Park Hill Parent


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